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I'm quite average, as average goes nowadays. Life is going well, and most of my complaints are minor. My time away from work is often taken up by watching television or DVDs, daydreaming, and playing poker. Often all three at the same time.

I'm originally from the midwest, Wisconsin to be exact, and I'm looking forward to the time when I can move back. I really dislike the right coast and the majority of the people that live here, but I suspect most of that has to do with personality conflicts and bad drivers.

While "working" I'm often connected at the hip to FurryMUCK and Trillian, where most of my friends hang out. Almost all of them already had a LJ, and while I flipped around with journals in the past, I thought I'd follow suit and set up a dedicated one as well.

If I were to pick out one thing, or one genre of things that I truly love, it'd be games. All forms of games. Trivia, puzzles, crosswords, cards, board games, logic games, role playing games, computer games... I just love games. I always have, and I credit much of that to my family and friends who also seem to have an afinity for games. My mother said I learned my math skills from playing cribbage and poker at a young age. I always said that I wanted a career in the gaming field, that is until I found out what people in the gaming field tend to earn and how difficult a market it is to break into.

I find that most of my life is spent on theoreticals. I tend to overthink things, or postulate the "what ifs" of a situation. This makes me well prepared to serve on a debate team, and very poorly abled to give solid concrete answers. I think that I would've made a great theological theorist, or perhaps even a theoretical physicist, except for the rigid schedules and hard work. I enjoy sleeping far more than I enjoy strict work hours.

Despite this, or perhaps because of this, I have a very excellent ability to selectively remember the most bizarre and often unimportant things, such as video game trivia and Simpsons quotes. I'm hoping that some day there is a game show called The Video Game / Simpsons Power Hour where I will dominate the field and retire early off my incredible winnings.